Discover Your True Self

With the

"Freed to Be Me" Profile

Unlock Your God Given Potential and

Communicate Better with Yourself, God and Others

Discover Your God Given Design

Find out how your personality affects the way you communicate

Encounter the Personality Types Within You

Learn How You Perceive the World Around You

Discover Your Character Strengths

Engage What Motivates and Encourages You

Learn How to Manage Your Stress for Self Care

You Were Made WITH Purpose, ON Purpose

In today's complex world, understanding yourself and effectively navigating your interactions with others can be challenging. Many struggles with lack of self-awareness, leading to conflicts, stress, and a sense of not reaching their true potential.

Are you tired of feeling misunderstood or stuck in distress patterns?

Do you desire a deeper connection with your Christian faith and a more authentic self?

Our "Freed to Be Me" Profile offers a clear path to self-discovery, empowerment, and spiritual growth. Through in-depth analysis of your character strengths, personality structure, and psychological needs, you'll gain a profound understand of yourself.

Discover your God Given Design

Using the Process Spiritual Model™ in our Freed to Be Me Profile

The Best Christian Self Awareness Tool on the Market

Our Profile serves as your guide on this transformative journey. It not only provides insight into your unique personality but also offers a Christian "Renovation Plan". This plan, rooted in the wisdom of the Bible, targets your psychological needs and distress patterns for positive outcomes.

69% of participants had used other models before,

the most common being: DISC, MBTI, StrengthsFinder.

97.4% of the participants who had used other models rated our profiles

as “Much more useful” or “More useful” than any other model they had used.

Unlock your true potential and experience personal and spiritual growth like never before. Get started with the "Freed to Be Me" Profile and begin your journey towards self-discovery, character strengths, and Christian spiritual alignment.

Customer Review

"This isn’t spam, just something really cool I recently did. I was able to complete one of the coolest assessments by a company called Servants By Design. This assessment takes like 30-45 minutes, but the accuracy of the results were fascinating!

You get a lengthy summary and explanation of how you were designed by God and how you interact and view the world around you. The assessment was spot on and I learned a lot about why I am the way that I am! Looking through the material I continually said, “Yep, that’s me.” You can learn about why and you are the way that you are as well!

It also gives suggestions on best ways to maximize self care and ways to cope in this crazy world based on your assessment.

It is worth it to check out. This can be a useful help and tool for your individual self or it can help your church, for Christian counseling, etc.

Also note some of these same algorithms have been used by NASA with their astronauts, this isn’t snake oil."

- Chad M.

A Few of the Christian Churches and

Organizations Using Servants By Design Profiles:

Ready to embark on your journey of self-discovery, character strengths, and spiritual growth?

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